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More Support Weapons.

So got to paint some interesting new bits for my BEF this week,first off was another Great War Miniatures Vickers HMG. Next up was a Great Wars Miniatures Trench Catapult. And finally came another casualty marker,this is from Scarab Miniature (SC004 Ernest carrying … Continue reading

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Well had my first game of SAGA tonight at club,this game is a Dark Ages skirmish game by Gripping Beast (Tomahawk Studio).I was using my Vikings and i was up agains’t Dave and his Normans. Viking Hirdmen face off agains’t … Continue reading

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Cryxian Giants.

I managed to finish off my Cryxian Battle Engine which i’ve had hanging around part painted for awhile. Really happy how it turned out,now just need to find the time to use it in a game as i’m not playing Warmachine … Continue reading

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More new recruits.

Well its been another busy week,painting wise i haven’t got to much done,just some more add on’s to the first company of my BEF army. Gaming wise,i went to Colours gaming show at Newbury yesterday to help out with Rob’s(Scarab Miniatures) War & Conquest demo … Continue reading

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A bit of Eden.

Well this week at club i’d arranged my final game in are mini Eden campaign agains’t Ken and his Tribal Bamaka mutants.My faction is the ISC which are basically Samurai killer robots. Game in play. Close up of the main fight. … Continue reading

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Look what turned up today :).

Look what turn up in the post today. Opened it up and had a quick look inside and i’ve got to say them some fine looking models,nice one GW :). Steve.

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Been a busy week.

Well i’ve been on holiday this week and have managed to get quite alot of my WW1 army done,first off is my HQ. These are the Black Adder set from Scarab miniatures,i’ve used the Bob model and drinks cabinet to make … Continue reading

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