Been a busy week.

Well i’ve been on holiday this week and have managed to get quite alot of my WW1 army done,first off is my HQ.

These are the Black Adder set from Scarab miniatures,i’ve used the Bob model and drinks cabinet to make an objective marker.Also in this picture is a casulty model from the Great War Miniatures set (British Casulties),i’ll be using him as a wound/pinned marker.

Next a few more Great War Miniatures troopers to add to my first company.

This company is now upto its minimum level (21 models),so ready to use :).

Finally i’ve started on my second company,i’m going to use Renegade Miniatues models for these and have completed the HQ (3 models) and first squad (9 models) also to minimum levels.

So thats it for painting this week.



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3 Responses to Been a busy week.

  1. nurgleonbass says:

    Even though these are not my cup of tea they look excellent mate. 🙂

  2. nurgleonbass says:

    Even though this genre is not my cup of tea have to say they look superb 🙂

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