More new recruits.

Well its been another busy week,painting wise i haven’t got to much done,just some more add on’s to the first company of my BEF army.

Gaming wise,i went to Colours gaming show at Newbury yesterday to help out with Rob’s(Scarab Miniatures) War & Conquest demo game.Really enjoyed the day,played some games,spent some dosh at the bring & buy,what more could you ask for :).

Tonight at club i’d arranged a game of War & Conquest agains’t Simon and his 1/72nd Mithridatic Pontic army,it was my first outing with my 1/72nd Spartans.

Game set up.

My Spartans formed up ready for battle.

It was a close game with neither of use completing are objective,i did end up with the braging rights though 105 to 85 vps.

Well thats it for this week



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