Well had my first game of SAGA tonight at club,this game is a Dark Ages skirmish game by Gripping Beast (Tomahawk Studio).I was using my Vikings and i was up agains’t Dave and his Normans.

Viking Hirdmen face off agains’t Norman Sergeant Crossbowmen.

Norman Warlord tries to destroy the Hirdmen in the final turn of the game but fails.

Really enjoyed this game and it was very close with me just winning 14vp’s to 10vp’s.We both made a few mistake and got a few rules wrong but we got the game finished in about 2 hours so not to bad for are first try.I like’d the way the battle board system played and how brutal the combat was,i can see me playing this game quite a bit in the next couple of months.

Anyway thats enough for tonight.


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