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SAGA at Dreads.

Had my second game of SAGA around Dreads tonight(Friday ),we played another 4pt a side game with me using my Vikings and Dave using his Normans. We decided to play the basic kill the Warlord game,below is the set up. … Continue reading

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Battle for the Woods 1918.

So me and Rob had are Great War game last night at club,we were doing a Late War game using 1,000pts armies,i was using my British with some extra’s borrowed from Rob and Rob using his Austro-Hungarian force. We were playing a table … Continue reading

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BEF Reinforcements.

So i haven’t posted any pictures of any of my BEF painted stuff for awhile so i thought i’d put a couple up this week. I’ve been plodding on with my BEF and i now have enough done to field … Continue reading

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Dropped in today.

Just a quicky, i had a nice parcel arrive in the post today,thanks Mr Trolltrader :). Looking forward to started putting these together. Steve.

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W&C Battle of the Trebia 218BC.

I’ve had set up in my gaming room for awhile now my 1/72nd(20mm) Punic wars armies ready to re-fight the Battle of the Trebia a battle from the second Punic Wars 218BC  between Hannibal’s Carthage force and a Republician Roman … Continue reading

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Back to the Iron Kingdom

Well this week at club i’d arranged a couple of 35pt Warmahordes games,now i haven’t played any games of this system for awhile so it was going to be interesting to see how i got on. First up i played … Continue reading

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Hold the Hill.

Well this week at club i got to use my Great War BEF force for the first time,my opponent Dave was also using British models but using the early German army list.We played the Storm the Hill scenerio with me as … Continue reading

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