Hold the Hill.

Well this week at club i got to use my Great War BEF force for the first time,my opponent Dave was also using British models but using the early German army list.We played the Storm the Hill scenerio with me as the defender (500pts) and Dave as the attacker (1,000pts),for the hill we used Daves homemade trench fort (see pictures).Dave had 8 turns to get to the fort,clear me out and hold with a scoring unit (unit over 5 models).

The set up.

Close up of the fort .

My trench network next to the fort.

First wave of attackers go in agains’t my trench and sweep me away.

Second wave goes in to the front of the fort,these are seen off….huzzar.

The third wave hits the flank of the fort,theres just to many for my guys to hold off.

And on the other flank the enemy has made it through my trench network and also launch an attack,i hold them for a while but again theres just to many.

The last of my men goes down in the final combat of the game, Dave takes the fort and the game.

What a awesome game,that went right down to the last turn.Just like to say a big thanks to Dave for making the trip down to club and i look forward to a re-match later in the year, hopefully i’ll have another 500pts done by then and i’ll have ago at taking the hill/fort back.

Cheers for now,Steve.

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2 Responses to Hold the Hill.

  1. Bluesquareman says:

    Looking good Steve

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