Back to the Iron Kingdom

Well this week at club i’d arranged a couple of 35pt Warmahordes games,now i haven’t played any games of this system for awhile so it was going to be interesting to see how i got on.

First up i played Simon with his P.Vayl Legion of Everblight force,i was using a Venethrax list with a lot of medium base infantry and a couple of Seether Helljacks.This game went surprisingly well with Venethrax going to town on the Legion beasts until all that was left was Vayl,at this point Simon decided to step her out of the kill box to give me the game.

Off with his head 🙂

Next up a clash agains’t Nick and his P.Irusk Khador infantry horde,i was using a P.Deneghra list with Bile Thralls,Pistol Wraiths,Nightmare Helljack and my Wraith Engine.Now this game didn’t go so well with the Khadorians grinding me down until all i had left we Dene and a Pistol Wraith,i tried a caster kill assassination long shot but it didn’t come off and i offered my hand and the game to my opponent.

Oh this is going to hurt 😦

Anyway i had two really fun games,thanks guys and it was nice to blow the dust of my Cryx stuff after such a long time.

Thats it for now,catch you later.


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1 Response to Back to the Iron Kingdom

  1. Nice to see the Cryx in action again, I’m tempted to get mine out at some point but I’ll have to read the rules again first.

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