BEF Reinforcements.

So i haven’t posted any pictures of any of my BEF painted stuff for awhile so i thought i’d put a couple up this week.

I’ve been plodding on with my BEF and i now have enough done to field my two infantry companies.First off some more officers,the one in the middle is a Great War miniatures model,the others are by Renegade miniatures.

The next lot are a group of troopers from Renegade miniatures,you might have noticed if you’ve been following this blog that the skin on these models is a lot lighter than my original paint job(see picture on the front page),well after i play Dave the other week (Hold the Hill blog) i noticed that my guys all looked like they had a nasty orange tan up to Dave’s guy’s 😦 ,so i made the decision to re-paint all my guys skin,it took a couple of weeks but i’m really happy i did as i think they look alot better now ;).

Well i’ve got a game of Great War booked for tomorrow at club agains’t Rob,we are going to play a late war game so should be fun,i’ll try and remember to take my camera to take some pic’s.

Anyway thats it for now,catch you later.


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