Battle for the Woods 1918.

So me and Rob had are Great War game last night at club,we were doing a Late War game using 1,000pts armies,i was using my British with some extra’s borrowed from Rob and Rob using his Austro-Hungarian force.

We were playing a table quarters game with the table split in to 4 x 18 inch vertical strip’s instead of the normal quarters.Also as we were using lots of wooded area’s instead of blocking site and extra cover save we used all wood areas as added 1 to BS per wood section fired through.

Game set up.

My British slowly advance up my right flank.

The Austro-Hungarian advance to meet the British attack.

My HQ encorage the troops forward.”up and at them lads”

The end game,after 7 hard fought turn the Austro-Hungarian just take the win by 1 quarter to 0,nice one Rob :).

Another cracking game of Great War,another defeat yes but another very close game which could have gone ever way right up to the end.Thanks again Rob for the lend of the models,hopefully the next time we play i’ll have enough done to field my own force.


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