SAGA at Dreads.

Had my second game of SAGA around Dreads tonight(Friday
),we played another 4pt a side game with me using my Vikings

and Dave using his Normans.

We decided to play the basic kill the Warlord game,below is the set up.

We both moved are main battlelines together with the Norman knights smashing into my large Warrior unit and getting beaten up by said Warriors :).Dave then move his Warriors in to see off this unit.My Warlord and his body guard then battered the Norman crossbow unit killing all but one, this left them exposed to a Norman counter attack.

The Raven bearer man fail leaving my Warlord face off agains’t Dreads Warlord and Foot Knights.

As you can imagine this did not go well and the Viking Lord was killed to give Dave the win :(.Another good game of SAGA  and very close,thanks mate.


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1 Response to SAGA at Dreads.

  1. The Viking Lord was butchered, taking 5 hits! I’m wearing his beard as a merkin!

    Thanks for the game Lurkus – I’m really getting the taste for Saga now. A rematch is needed to restore Viking honour, by Odin!

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