First test DZC UCM models.

Had my first game of Dropzone Commander last Sunday at club,no pictures i’m sorry to say as my camera decided to die :(.

It was only a small game (Skirmish level) with 600pts forces with my opponent Steve using Scourge.It was a fun game with us have to grab intel from the buildings on the board,the real fun part is that you don’t know if its good intel or bad until you get your troops to nab it,roll a d6,1 bad, 2-5 good(1vp) and 6 (1vp)plus this is also an objective which if you can get off the table you get an extra 1vp.It was a close game with me taking the win by 1vp in the end.

So i decided i’d start to put some paint on some of my UCM boys,heres a couple of Bear APC’s i’ve knocked up.

Wasn’t sure at first about the colour scheme but in the end i’m really happy with the finished models.

Anyway that it for now.

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