A little of this,a little of that.

Well not had much time for painting this week but did get a few models done.

First off some more chaps for my BEF.

I’ve also just recieved my batch of Woodbine Design (by Gripping Beast) models from Scarab Miniatures who now stock them,nice one Rob :).These look like lovely models and i can’t wait to clean them up and get them painted.

The only other model i got finished was the first of my DropZone Commander Condor Dropships.

Again i’m really happy with the finished model,i’ve gone a bit old school here painting him like i used to paint my WW2  Airfix Fighter planes with the same camouflagued top and sides as the APC i’ve already done but with a blue underside.

Anyway thats it this week.


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One Response to A little of this,a little of that.

  1. Very nice mate. I like the windscreen on the ship.

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