DZC Game two.

Well i’ve now played my second game of DropZone Commander and an enjoyable game it was.

We decided to have ago at a 1,000pt game with me using my UCM(United Colonies of Mankind) while Nick was using his PHR(Post-Human Republic).The object of the game was to hold the focal points on the table to gain VP’s,there were five of these 1 in the center and 1 in each quarter (we used 1p for these).

First turn.

From my side.

It was a close fought game and came down to the last turn,with Nick taking the win by holding the center point (more points worth within 6 inches) will we both held one of the points in are own deployment area.

I also got to use my newly paint infantry unit,which i think have come up quite nice,heres a couple of close up shots.

Anyway thats it for now,laters :).


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