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Busy Xmas but….

Its been a busy Xmas for me with work and family stuff but i have managed to get quite a bit done.Just before Christmas i had my Samurai army arrive back from Sri Lanka where i had sent them to be … Continue reading

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Early Xmas Present :)

Had i large box arrive through the post yesterday morning and look what was inside. The first part of my Kickstarter stuff from Mantic,hopefully get a chance over the Xmas break to put a couple of teams together and play a few … Continue reading

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More WAC but at 28mm this time :).

Well tonight at club i got another game of WAC in but this time at 28mm,i played Rob with us both using/play testing the new draft for the Samurai army list,we also agreed to use 3,000pts army so lots of … Continue reading

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More small scale WAC.

Played another game of 10mm WAC tonight this time around Dave’s,we were using his Assyrian Warmaster army split into two 1,300pt forces. Heres a few pictures (my force is at the top). Turn 1. Turn 2 Turn 3,Dave Chariot flee after … Continue reading

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Wargames Factory Celt Cavalry plus…

Well i managed to get chance to put together a couple of the Wargames Factory Celt cavalrymen today so as promised heres some pictures. I’ve put one together as a light cavalryman and the other as a armoured Noble,i think … Continue reading

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WAC at a different scale.

Well just finish a game of War & Conquest but with a slight twist,we played it using 10mm models on a 2 foot by 2 foot gaming board and using 1 inch = 1 cm. I’ve got to say it was … Continue reading

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The next new large Project :).

So after seeing some of the Wargames Factory models up close and liking what i saw for the price, i decided i wanted to build a new Celt army using these.Luckly Rob at Scarab Miniatures has just started to stocking these,so after … Continue reading

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Follow me chaps….huzzah.

And theres more reinforcements for my BEF this week,6 more fine chaps to make my first Woodbine Design infantry squad. As i said in my last post these are awesome figures,really looking forward to getting them on the table to … Continue reading

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