More WAC but at 28mm this time :).

Well tonight at club i got another game of WAC in but this time at 28mm,i played Rob with us both using/play testing the new draft for the Samurai army list,we also agreed to use 3,000pts army so lots of models on the table :).At this point i’d like to point out that my force is a mish mash of painted and unpainted stuff i picked up on the cheap so don’t look great but i decided to take some pictures anyway :).

Set up

Digital StillCamera

Turn 1 and my Cavalry with my second in command move around the flank,backed up by some foot Samurai.

Digital StillCamera

After winning the roll off to get the next turn i charge my cavalry in…..Bonzai 🙂

Digital StillCamera

Oh dear it all goes pear shaped with my cavalry bouncing and then getting run down :(,not only that but the same unit then goes on to wipe out my back up foot Samurai unit(black one in the picture below) in the next couple on turns.

Digital StillCamera

In the center Robs Ashigaru get into combat with my missile troops but by the end of the game are seen off by my general and his Samurai.

Digital StillCamera

At this point we had to call it a night as Rob had to shoot off early but interestingly we had played for about 2 hours (not including set up time) and managed to get 5 complete turns of play in,so not bad for 3,000pts armies with a new army list i think ;).

I know i’ve said this alot lately but this was another great game of WAC (thanks Rob 🙂 ),at the moment i just can’t get enough of this system.

On the painting front this week didn’t manage to get loads done but i did finish my second squad of Woodbine Design BEF.

Digital StillCamera

Just got to get the HQ squad done now and thats my third Infantry company sorted :).

Anyway thats it for now.


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