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Blood Bowl Knockout Cup.

Well managed to get my second round game of the Biguns Blood Bowl Knockout cup last night with a re-match agains’t Dave C and his Norse Team,i beat Dave in the first round 3-2 but he went through as one of the highest scoring losser.Heres some … Continue reading

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Crusade 2013 (Penarth,Cardiff).

Went to Crusade today a gaming show held every year in Penarth,Cardiff at the local sports center.Had a real fun day,spent plenty of dosh and had a nice game of War and Conquest.Took my camera but didn’t get much chance to take … Continue reading

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WOTR Mordor Army.

Well i’ve been getting the urge to start playing WOTR again lately and with me getting the couple of Hobbit box set’s for my birthday i decided to get my Mordor army out and take some pictures.This is what i’ve … Continue reading

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My Precious,My Birthday Present……

Yep its my Birthday today…….hmm another year older and none the wiser me thinks,where has the time gone? Anyway some good news,look what my girls bought me More troops for my Mordor army,now all i’ve got to do is try and … Continue reading

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Warmaster Ancients.

Well its been a while since i last played Warmaster Ancients though i have been using my 10mm Carthaginians for playing WAC lately.I got a pm the other week from Steve one of are club members and also a Cathaginian … Continue reading

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Last of the fine fellows.

Managed to finish off the last of my BEF Woodbine Design chaps this week,heres a couple of pictures. First off an Officer and NCO. And finally some casulity markers. Thats it for my third infantry company :). I’ve got a few … Continue reading

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Wargames Factory Celt Cavalry

Well heres a couple of pictures of my first finished Celt Cavalry model. This is the light javelin armed one i made up,really happy with the finished model. Cheers,Steve.

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More WAC Samurai action.

Had another game with my newly painted Samurai this Sunday at club as i’ve managed to base up all but a unit of mounted Samurai.I was playing agains’t Dave who was using the spare Samurai i’d been using as hes … Continue reading

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