More WAC Samurai action.

Had another game with my newly painted Samurai this Sunday at club as i’ve managed to base up all but a unit of mounted Samurai.I was playing agains’t Dave who was using the spare Samurai i’d been using as hes just sent his off to be painted.We went for a 2,000pt game with standard set up with us both roll up test of strengh,the game would last upto 12 turn.

Deployment (my force is to the right).

Digital StillCamera

Close up of my deployment.

Digital StillCamera

Dave advanced his battleline in to the teeth of my gunline with me picking on his small units (12 man) of Samurai where i could.While this was happening i broke my Samurai bodyguard cavalry unit in to skirmish formation and moved them around the left flank.

Digital StillCamera

Dave managed to get one of his Ashigaru units into my lines but the were seen off by my Samurai bowmen.

Digital StillCamera

I had worked my Cavalry behind Dave’s lines now, so Dave reacted by redeploying his Cavalry in to skirmished formation and are units clashed.This combat went on for a couple of turns and in the end my unit was driven off when a unit of formed Ashigaru joined in.Both cavalry unit were heavly depleted with mine fleeing off the table followed by Dave’s,lucky i made my last chance test and would be back :).

Digital StillCamera

While this was going on i had destoryed most of Dave’s remaining force,with him just having a small unit of Ashigaru and a couple of characters facing off agains’t almost my whole army.

Digital StillCamera

With this i advanced my battleline to finish off Dave’s force,this didn’t take along and within a turn the game was up and i had the victory…huzzah.

Digital StillCamera

I like to say it was a close game but to be honest it wasn’t,with me having played 10 plus games with the Samurai and this being Dave’s second it really showed i’d had more practise with this army list.Dave’s force had to many small units of 12 models which were easy to pick off with my missile troops and as we had 12 turns to play i had plenty of time to shoot them up and then advance into Dave’s deployment zone to take the win.I expect the next time we clash (which i hope is soon 😉 ) his army list will look a bit different.

Anyway thats it for now,see you later.


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