Warmaster Ancients.

Well its been a while since i last played Warmaster Ancients though i have been using my 10mm Carthaginians for playing WAC lately.I got a pm the other week from Steve one of are club members and also a Cathaginian player,challanging me to a game,we agreed 2,000pt a side game.


Digital StillCamera

My battleline.

Digital StillCamera

View from my central force.

Digital StillCamera

The first skirmish,with my Light cavalry clashing with Steve’s on my left flank.

Digital StillCamera

The final turns.

Digital StillCamera

Well it was a fun game but we only managed to play four turns as we were both very rusty with the rules.We got a few combats in with me getting across to Steve’s side of the table but Steve had a couple of really bad turns with his commanders failing to issue many orders.We added up the counting units destroyed(Skirmishers do not count) and i took the narrow win. Hopefully i can get some more games of this in over the next couple of months as i do really enjoy it and the armies do look awesome on the table :).

Cheers for now,Steve.

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