WOTR Mordor Army.

Well i’ve been getting the urge to start playing WOTR again lately and with me getting the couple of Hobbit box set’s for my birthday i decided to get my Mordor army out and take some pictures.This is what i’ve got finished so far.

The whole force in all its glory ;).

Digital StillCamera

Some of my Hero’s

Digital StillCamera

The Witch King (overal commander of my force).

Digital StillCamera

Gothmog and his horde of Mordor Orc’s.

Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera

The Black Guard.

Digital StillCamera

I’ve still got a load of infantry which are painted up but i haven’t got around to basing them up plus loads of unpainted stuff as i really want to have Battle Host’s from all the evil factions to add to this force.

Anyway thats it for now,Steve.

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One Response to WOTR Mordor Army.

  1. John Parkin says:

    Nice to see someone else has an army on square bases.

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