Crusade 2013 (Penarth,Cardiff).

Went to Crusade today a gaming show held every year in Penarth,Cardiff at the local sports center.Had a real fun day,spent plenty of dosh and had a nice game of War and Conquest.Took my camera but didn’t get much chance to take many pictures,here’s the few i did take.The first three are of the game of War and Conquest i played with Rob and Matt,the armies and terrain were put together by Matt and his Wife Jen and is based on the Battle of Ashingdon a clash between Saxons and Vikings,for more details visit Matt blog at

Armies face off.

Digital StillCamera

The trap is set….

Digital StillCamera

The Viking King with his bodyguard go in to finish off the Saxon Lord……FOR ODIN…:)

Digital StillCamera

The final two pictures are of the game that was next to us and was a 40k game using 54mm homemade/converted models…….and yes that is a giant Chaos Killa Kan and Chimera… ah.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Well thats it for now,had a great time and will hopefully be back next year.


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