Blood Bowl Knockout Cup.

Well managed to get my second round game of the Biguns Blood Bowl Knockout cup last night with a re-match agains’t Dave C and his Norse Team,i beat Dave in the first round 3-2 but he went through as one of the highest scoring losser.Heres some pictures of the game.

After my first turn (you might spot some of my players seem to be facing the wrong way,i like to turn my players around when i’ve used them).

Digital StillCamera

End of the first half and i manage to score,but look how few players are on the pitch,it was a really bloody half with us both having two player in the dead and injured box one of mine was my Rat Ogre 😦 (not that he had done much,two 1’s in the first two play’s then a double skulls with his first blitz..doh).

Digital StillCamera

The second half started and things went from bad to worse for the rats with my losing another two players knocked out after the first play,one with a fans rock to the head and another skulling a block.Dave got the ball off me and within two turns had scored.

Digital StillCamera

The game re-set and none of my knockout player wanted to re-turn to the pitch so i was running with only eight player while Dave had a full team.I got in a possition to score all i needed was a gutter runner to catch a acurate pass…..not a chance :(.The Norse had the ball again and there was no way i could stop them,i even tried a last gasp double Gutter Runner one dice blitz but even that ended up a skull and another Knocked out Gutter Runner :(……..2-1 to the Norse.

So i had the ball again but still i could not get more then 2 players back from the Knocked out box,so i still had only 8 players on the pitch and then the fan’s decided they want more blood and one off my Blitzers who had just come back on to the pitch got another rock to the head and yes you guest it off to the knockout box again.Things were getting desperate with me only have 7 players on the pitch and needing to score,i had the ball with my thrower who handed off to a gutter runner who headed off towards the Norse end zone,all i had to do was hold for a turn then make a gap to score and draw the game.

Skaven Cage(oh i really wise they were Dwarves ;))

Digital StillCamera

I held but couldn’t make the gap,the Norse got in to the cage,got the ball,put in a pass and ran in a score with the last play of the game.

Digital StillCamera

It was a fun game and fair play to Dave who kept the pressure on the whole game to take out the win well done mate ;).As for my rats it was just one of those day’s when thing just didn’t go right,never mind.

Cheers for now,Steve.

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