Back to the Western Front.

Managed to get another game of The Great War in last night at club againest Orange Dave,it was a re-match of a game we play a couple of months ago (Storm the Hill) where one player tries to hold a fortified hill with 500pts of troops while his opponent has 1,000pts to attack it.We were using early war forces,Dave was Germans and defending with me using my BEF to attack them.Below are some pictures of the game.


Digital StillCamera

The Hill.

Digital StillCamera

View from the BEF lines.

Digital StillCamera

Scouts take the ruin’s infront of the German lines.

Digital StillCamera

Almost there…..

Digital StillCamera

Birds eye view of the British advance

Digital StillCamera

Up and at them lads…..

Digital StillCamera

German first line of defence crumbles.

Digital StillCamera

The second line of German defenders move in but are repulsed by the gallent British forces.

Digital StillCamera

The last of the German reinforcements arrive.

Digital StillCamera

The capture of a British Officer ;).

Digital StillCamera

The last turn of the game and the Germans have the last scoring unit lefted on the battle field in the hill to take the win,the British only have 2 HMG support weapons and 2 other chaps left on the board :(.

Digital StillCamera

What i great game,things didn’t go well for the British attack to begin with,with me rolling lots of high number for my leadership tests and loads of low ones when moving through difficult ground,the casulties were horrendous 😦 ,at one point i didn’t think i’d get to the hill.But when i got there it was Davids turn to roll poorly with his counter attack being seen off by my lads.It all came down to the last turn with Dave just being in range to assualt one of my remaining units in the hill with his last scoring unit to take out the win.Just like to say a big thanks to Dave for making it down to club for the game and just to say i’ll get you next time ;).


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