WAC Games Day

Today was the lastest WAC gaming day run by Rob of Scarab miniaures,the event was held at are club venue (Iron Acton,nr Bristol,UK).There was a mix of armies with the majority using classic Ancient force’s (Romans,Celts etc,etc….) but four of us had brought Dark Ages armies , two of both Saxon’s and Vikings.

My first game was again’st Matt and his Saxon’s.

Deployment,Saxons to the left,my Vikings to the right.

Digital StillCamera

Matt’s main unit with General and BSB.

Digital StillCamera

I’d like to say it was a close game but it wasn’t ,one of my flank guarding Viking Raiders mercenary units decided to go rampaging off and get its selve butchered, which opened up my rally point.With the rest of Matt’s battleline holding mine it was easy for him to get this unit and a unit of skirmishers off the board to take the scenario win.

Game two was again’st Matt’s wife Jen and her Viking army.

Deployment,Jen’s Viking’s to the left mine to the right.

Digital StillCamera

Jen’s Hirdmen with General.

Digital StillCamera

Another of Jen’s Hirdmen with Jarl.

Digital StillCamera

My Hirdmen unit with General,BSB and Beserker……….”FOR ODIN !” .

Digital StillCamera

The shieldwalls clash.

Digital StillCamera

This was a brutal game,the battlelines clash with my two big unit’s of Hirdmen and Veteran Bondi coming out on top and wiping out both of Jen’s Hird’s.By turn Six i’d finished off the last of Jen’s units to take the win.

For game three the four of us had decided to play a doubles game with me teaming up with Jen while Matt teamed up with Phil.

Deployment,Vikings on the left,Saxons on the right.

Digital StillCamera

View from the Saxon village.

Digital StillCamera

Another view from the village (Saxon lines).

Digital StillCamera

Just before the battlelines clash.

Digital StillCamera

This was great fun and a lovely way to finish the event,4,000pts a side and we got the game finished within 3 hours not bad at all.The Vikings went on the offensive while the Saxon’s held back and formed Shieldwall,the lines clashed and much butchery was done,when the dust settled the Saxon battleline had held and the Viking raiders had been vanquished.

Just like to say a big thanks to my opponants and team mate for some really great games and a big thanks to Rob,Barbara and the girls for arranging this gaming day and lunch.

Cheers for now,Steve.

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One Response to WAC Games Day

  1. Subedai says:

    Great to see such large and excellently painted armies in action.

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