Dreadball : Blazing Glory.

Well i’ve had this game for a while now (backed it on Kickstarter) but haven’t got around to playing it yet,this hopefully will change this week as Daves poping around on Friday for a game :).With this in mind  and after sticking my Human team together i’ve started to paint them up.What i normal do when i start a painting project is paint a sample one up first and once i’m happy go on the paint the rest.

First off i decided to call my team Blazing Glory and want them to be very bright colour wise,so i started of with an Army Paint Red Primer spray as undercoat.

Digital StillCamera

next up a GW red ink wash over the whole model.

Digital StillCamera

Then i high light of GW Blood red.

Digital StillCamera

followed by a dry brush of GW Fiery Orange.

Digital StillCamera

Thats the basics done so over to some details,first of  some GW Foundation Tausept Ochre on some of the rised armour plates.

Digital StillCamera

High lighting these with GW Bad Moon Yellow.

Digital StillCamera

followed up with a GW Skull White dry brush and a wash of GW Gryphonne Sepia.

Digital StillCamera

Nearly there now,for the eye plates i’ve used a P3 Brass Balls followed by a high light of GW Mithril Silver.

Digital StillCamera

Finally i painted the base GW Chaos Black to finish him off.

Digital StillCamera

I’ve got to add a transfer number to his back but except for that hes done and i really happy with him :).Sorry the pictures aren’t the best but my camera was playing up :(.

Anyway thats it for now,Steve.

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2 Responses to Dreadball : Blazing Glory.

  1. Like the figures Lurkus. Look forward to playing them

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