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Easter Starts with a Strike ;).

Well its the Easter Holidays and i’ve got a bit of time off work so hopefully looking forward to plenty of hobby time.Things didn’t start well this week with me coming down with a pretty heavy cold but i’ve still managed … Continue reading

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Dark Ages WAC.

Arranged a game of WAC this week at club agains’t Steve and his Viking army,this was going to be his first game of WAC so we decided to go for a small size armies at 1,500pts instead of the normal … Continue reading

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Lurkland Browns.

Painted up the first of my Veer-myn Dreadball players last night,heres some pictures. Again really happy with the out come. Cheers,Steve.

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Tally-Ho chaps.

Managed to clear up a few more bits from my painting table this week,again these models have been hanging around half finished for a while now so nice to get them done. 6 BEF Cavalry. Close up shots. side shot. … Continue reading

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Driller Killer :).

Dusted off  some of my Mercenary Warmachine stuff this week to have a 35pt bash at club agains’t Dave and his PDene Cryx force.I decided to use a Rhulic force lead by Gorten with us agreeing to go for a nice and … Continue reading

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Fires of Isengard.

Another game of WOTR last night at club,this time agains’t Matt and his Isengard force.We were using 1,000pts lists with Shieldwall set up and The Fields of Swords  (vp’s)objective. set up (Mordor to the left,Isengard to the right). First combat … Continue reading

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First Dreadball game.

Well got my first game in tonight agains’t Dave and his Forge Fathers team,we didn’t manage all 14 rushes but did get 10 in,which gave us i good feel for the game plus my fully painted (yes i got whole … Continue reading

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