Fires of Isengard.

Another game of WOTR last night at club,this time agains’t Matt and his Isengard force.We were using 1,000pts lists with Shieldwall set up and The Fields of Swords  (vp’s)objective.

set up (Mordor to the left,Isengard to the right).

Digital StillCamera

First combat as the Warg’s change into the Beserkers,these two units ended up fighting over a few turn with the Beserkers coming out on top in the end.

Digital StillCamera

Ugluk Raiders face off agains’t my Black Guard and Gorbags Morgul Rats,these units are engaged in a mass melee which also drags in my Troll.In the end Ugluk’s boys are destoryed but they take the Morgul Rats with them.

Digital StillCamera

My Gereral Shagrat and his Tower Guard charge the Isengard Troll, they loss 6 of there fellows but take down the Troll :).

Digital StillCamera

This left Shagrat out in the open,with the Isengard Warg Riders having seen off there Mordor counterparts they now swept in with a thunderus charge wiping the Tower Guard out.With this the game drew to a close with a victory for Isengard 10-3 vp’s,well done Matt.Another fun game in Middle Earth :).


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