Driller Killer :).

Dusted off  some of my Mercenary Warmachine stuff this week to have a 35pt bash at club agains’t Dave and his PDene Cryx force.I decided to use a Rhulic force lead by Gorten with us agreeing to go for a nice and simple caster kill game,i was happy with this as i haven’t played any Warmachine for quite awhile and was bound to be a bit ring rusty ;).

Hammer time, my Forge Guard go toe to toe with some Cryx Jacks…….it didn’t go well for the Dwarves :(.

Digital StillCamera

The game was really close,with Gorten lossing half his wound boxes in one turn but with a bit of luck and Gorten’s wonderful Landslide feat i managed to move Dene into the prefected place for my Driller Heavy Warjack to walk up and do some extreme dental work on the War Witch to take the win ;).

Digital StillCamera

Thats it for this week,Cheers Steve.

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1 Response to Driller Killer :).

  1. Matt says:

    That drill is awesome!


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