Dark Ages WAC.

Arranged a game of WAC this week at club agains’t Steve and his Viking army,this was going to be his first game of WAC so we decided to go for a small size armies at 1,500pts instead of the normal 2,000pts.

We rolled up Winter deployment with player call time as game length(after turn 6 roll off,who ever wins gets option to end game at end of next turn or continue another turn).


Digital StillCamera

My Jarl and his Hirdmen.

Digital StillCamera

The battlelines advance on each other.

Digital StillCamera

Steve’s Viking Raiders charge my Bondi unit.

Digital StillCamera

This combat goes really badly for the Vikings with them lossing the combat and routing,my Bondi pursue.This also cause Steve’s Bondi unit and archers to also flee,with this all happening in Steve’s go i was then able to first run the Vikings down and then in the following turn run the Bondi down to….ouch.

Digital StillCamera

At this point things were looking bad for Steve but as things turned out he still had his eye on his objective while i had forgot mine.It had worked out that we had both drawn Break through (get 25% of your force off the board within 6 inches of your enemies rally point),now i had the prefected chance to go for this when my Bondi had broken through Steve’s line but with my blood up i’d turn them around and headed back towards the fight.Steve on the other hand had seen his chance blocking my two other combat units with his Jarl and Hirdmen while his Veteran Bondi and Renagade Cavalry went for my rally point.Turn six had ended with Steve lossing his Jarl and Hirdmen but with his Cavalry within a move and his Vet Bondi within a double pace of my Rally point.

Digital StillCamera

We rolled off and i won the roll and decided to end the game this turn,i tried some shooting at the Cavalry but couldn’t cause any damage so it was over to Steve.His cavarly left the table but with my force so close his Vet Bondi had to make a comand test to double pace,they only needed a 7 on three d6,the bones were cast coming up 5,5,6 the test was a fail and the game ended a draw.

Talk about throwing away a victory,the game was mine but not keeping my eye on the objective almost lost me the game…doh,fair play to Steve for his first game and after the disaster of the Viking Raiders charge to be so close to winning the game at the end was awesome,well done dude :).

Anyway thats it for this week.


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