Easter Starts with a Strike ;).

Well its the Easter Holidays and i’ve got a bit of time off work so hopefully looking forward to plenty of hobby time.Things didn’t start well this week with me coming down with a pretty heavy cold but i’ve still managed to get quite a bit done.

First up some more BEF chaps,i’ve now started on my 4th Infantry company for my early war army.Below are the first six models for my first squad.

Digital StillCamera

These are from the Musketeer Miniature early war range and nice models they are,now you might have noticed a Lewis gun being used which isn’t really right for early war but i like’d the model and i do also use this army to play mid and late war so a must i thought :).

Next up i finished painting the Lurkland Browns my Veer-myn Dreadball team.

Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

I think they’ve come out rather well,though i don’t really like the pose of the bottom Strikers that much.

I’ve managed to get a couple more games of Dreadball played over the last couple of weeks and have really enjoyed it,so much so i’ve arranged with Dave a bit of a Dreadball day next week,something to look forward to :).

Well thats it for now.




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