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Royalist Army Deploys.

Had chance over the weekend to deploy Dave’s Royalists ready for are ECW game. Royalist army. The King. Prince Rupert and his Cavalry. Royalist foot. Royalist Artillery So thats the two armies set up,now just got to find the time … Continue reading

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Granite City Kings.

After the fun of last Sunday’s Great War game its been a bit of a struggle to get anything none WW1 painted but i promised myself that i would try and get all my Dreadball teams painted before the second … Continue reading

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Back to the Western Front MK2.

Me,Dave and Matt had arranged a large game of Great War for this week at club,Dave would be defending with his 1,000pts of Germans agains’t Me and Matts combined 1,000pt British and Canadian forces.There was 3 objectives for the allies to attack,first … Continue reading

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Salute 2013 Pictures

Just got back from Salute,had a great time,thanks again Rob for inviting me.Anyway i thought i’d put up the pictures i took,not loads as i was busy gaming and spending money ;). First off a few of are WAC game. The rest … Continue reading

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Preparing for War.

After the tidying of the man cave during Easter i’ve decided to set up a game ready to play with Dave when hes next around.After a short discussion we’ve decided to dust off are 28mm ECW armies and have a … Continue reading

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Project for Salute.

Well i’m off helping Rob at Salute next Saturday,were doing a Dark Ages Viking(using my army 🙂 ) verses Saxons War & Conquest game with a bit of a twisted.I’m not going to go into any details at the moment but i’ve been making … Continue reading

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Another game of Dreadball last night,this time i was showing another mate Matt how to play.He was using the Blazing Glory (Corporation team) while i was giving Da ‘ead Bangers (Marauader team) there first run out. It was a brutal … Continue reading

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