IG Blob of Death.

Well had my first game of 6th edition 40k last night at club,teamed up with Dave and his Blood Angels to play agains’t Nick with his Slaanesh Daemon army,we had 1,000pts each with Nick have 2,000pts.I was using one of my many Imperial Guard armies,this time my Catachans.


The main actioned happen around my 50 man Guard blob unit which was holding a 4pt objective.With the help of my Command squads these saw off a unit of Fiends,Seekers,Daemonettes and a Daemon Prince while Dave’s Captain and Assault Squad pinned down the Keeper of Secrets in combat.We called the game at the start of turn 5 as time was getting on and the Daemons were not in a position where they could stop the allies winning by the end of the turn.

It was fun dusting off some of my 40k stuff and trying out the lastest edition,the game seems fun and i’m sure in the future i’ll be up for some more games.


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