Dreadballtastic :)

Digital StillCamera

Dave popped around today as hes also on holiday and we had another game of Dreadball and what a cracking game it was.I think were really starting to get the hang of this game now and i’m really starting to like it alot :).

Dave decided to try one of the other teams this time,so instead of using his Forge Fathers he used my Corporation team (Blazing Glory) while i had my second game with the Veer-myn (Lurkland Browns).

Heres some pictures of the game.

Set up.

Digital StillCamera

Teams face off.

Digital StillCamera

A Blazing Glory Guard goes to town on one of the Browns Strikers……take that you dirty rat  :).

Digital StillCamera

Punch up in the middle of the pitch……the ref trys to keep some order…..good luck with that one luv ;).

Digital StillCamera

Dave had it in the bag leading 3-0 with my rats going into the final rush,after some dodging and weaving(and a lot of luck) i managed to get one of my Strikers into the Strike Zone with the ball,had to go for a 4pt Strike to take the win,this left me with a 1 dice skill test needing a 5+…………look below for result…..

Digital StillCamera

…….SSSSSSSSSSTRIKE……….a 1-0 win to the Lurkland Browns :).

What a Awesome game.

That it for now folks


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