Lets Rock.

Well coming to the end of my Easter holidays now and i must say i’ve got quite a bit of hobbying done.Managed to have a really good sort out of the man cave and made some tough decisions with regards to some of my collection,time to move a few of those unstarted projects on i think.

Been really push on with the Dreadball painting finishing off my third team,Da ‘ead Bangers, my Marauder team,heres some pictures.


Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Full team.

Digital StillCamera

That three out of the four season 1 teams done now,just the Forge Fathers to do.Hopefully get them finished this week then move on to the MVP’s.I’m hoping to get all my season 1 stuff done before my next lot of Kickstarter goodies arrive,just recieved the PDF of the season 2 rules so the rest of the kit shouldn’t be to long.Had a quick look through and it looks good,i was really excited to see some pictures of the Zzor team players and MVP as this is the team i’ve ordered and i wasn’t disappointed they look really cool :).

Anyway that’s it for this post,i’ve got another Dreadball game book for tomorrow evening at club so it might be a good time to try Da ‘ead Bangers out………LETS ROCK :).


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2 Responses to Lets Rock.

  1. Dig Da’ead Bangers, great paint job

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