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Another game of Dreadball last night,this time i was showing another mate Matt how to play.He was using the Blazing Glory (Corporation team) while i was giving Da ‘ead Bangers (Marauader team) there first run out.

It was a brutal game for the Glory with them lossing 3 playerS kill plus another one sent off.

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Digital StillCamera

With the game going this way it was no suprise when Da ‘ead Bangers took the lead,scoring a 1pt strike late into the game.


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The game was moving into the last rush with my boyz holding the ball,Matt then played the ball shatter event card,meaning the ball was re-launched.This gave the Glory there chance,with a couple of good dice rules and buying of action cards it was time to go for the strike to take the win………

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I’ve got to say it again i really think this is a great little game and i’m looking forward to get some more games in soon.


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2 Responses to SSSSSSTRIKE.

  1. nurgleonbass says:

    Nice one mate. You’ve done a great job on the Orks.

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