Preparing for War.

After the tidying of the man cave during Easter i’ve decided to set up a game ready to play with Dave when hes next around.After a short discussion we’ve decided to dust off are 28mm ECW armies and have a game,not sure what rules were going to use yet,maybe WAC or Warhammer ECW will just have to wait and see.Were not worried about point cost’s or proper army lists were just going to get are armies on the table and play a game.

I’ve now set up my Parliamentarians and awaiting Dave’s Royalist scum ;).

Full army.

Digital StillCamera

Artillary ready to open fire.

Digital StillCamera

Pike and Shot Regiments.

Digital StillCamera

A large rabble of villagers (Clubmen).

Digital StillCamera

My General (Oliver Cromell) ready to lead his army into battle.

Digital StillCamera

Once Dave’s dropped off his Royalist’s and i get them set up i’ll take some more pictures and post them up.

Cheers for now,Steve.

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2 Responses to Preparing for War.

  1. Matt says:

    Dear God! You’re a Parliamentarian … should have guessed I suppose ;o) ;o)

    Ever are we to be opposed it seems?

    For The King!!!



  2. lurkusspleen says:

    I should of guest you’d be a Dashing Dandy 😉
    At lest were on the same side when it comes to the Great War 🙂
    Here’s looking forward to next Sunday 🙂

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