ECW First moves

So Dave was around last night for the start of are ECW game in the man cave, we have decided to use WAC as the rules system, using the lists from the Renaissance army book. After sorting out are armies and redeploying are armies we only managed to play one turn but here’s a few pictures anyway.

Royalist’s win first turn and advance.

Digital StillCamera

Parliament’s infantry hold there ground and open fire with a salvo (both ranks fire).

Digital StillCamera

The Firelock companies of both armies face off .

Digital StillCamera

The Royalist gun open’s up.

Digital StillCamera

Well that’s it for now but watch this space ;).


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1 Response to ECW First moves

  1. Matt says:

    Parliament standing back letting rip with their muskets…?
    Come along sir, advance and air your steel!

    For the King!!! Huzzah!!!


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