Battle for the Bacon :).

So managed to get another game of W&C in last night at club, this time I was playing Steve with his Vikings. With my guys being Norwegians we agreed Steve’s would be Dane’s and seeing I’d just painted up a pig for my animal shed we decided that the winner of the battle would get the bacon ;).

Digital StillCamera

We got Winter deployment with player call time as the game length(after turn 6 player who win’s dice off gets to choice if they want to end the game at the end of the next turn or continue for another turn, then roll off again).

DeploymentDigital StillCamera

We were using 2,000pt armies.

View from my lines.

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Now my dice were not on form for me for the first 4 turn’s, with Steve’s skirmishers dominating the game. Steve also had a unit of renegade cavalry moving around my flank so I had to leave a block of Bondi near my rally point just in case he had the Breakthrough or Raid objective. I push my other 3 infantry block forward towards his battle line as I needed to punch through them to get to his rally point as I had drawn Raid as my objective. After some good command tests Steve got a unit of Hirdmen and his Cavalry into my reserve Bondi.

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They held the charge after some poor rolling by Steve but I knew they wouldn’t be able to resist for long so it was time for action. In the centre of the table I charged all three of my other formed units in to Steve’s Shieldwalls.

Digital StillCamera

The clash saw 2 of Steve’s units win combat by one with the other combat going in my favour by the same amount, the bones were thrown and all tests were pasted. In the other combat my Bondi were just about holding on but things were getting very dicey.

When the collapse happen it was spectacular, first off my Bondi finally broke and as they were being attacked in the flank as well as the front were destroyed.

Digital StillCamera

Next up my Generals unit lost combat, failed there test and were also run down 😦 . On the bright side Steve’s Veteran Bondi with his General also lost combat and ran but I could not catch him :(.

Digital StillCamera

With this the game was up, as I had thought Steve had the Breakthrough objective and was able to get the two units he needed off the table to take the win, well done mate, I’ll get you next time ;).


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One Response to Battle for the Bacon :).

  1. Matt says:

    Always good to see Vikings slaughtering other Vikings! ;o)
    Glad you had a good game.

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