Not looking good for the King.

Dave popped around last night to continue are ECW game, we managed to get a couple more rounds in each. I won the roll off as we started turn two but let Dave go first, my reasoning for this was, I had salvo fired in my first turn so wouldn’t get to shoot with most of my Shot and I didn’t fancy walking in to close range of the Royalist Shot. Dave move both units of his normal Cavalry forward on ever flank with the Prince Rupert’s lads backed up with his Dragoons .

Digital StillCamera

In the centre he moved his Scottish allied Highlander’s forward, with Rupert’s Elite bluecoats also advancing. My turn and I advanced my main battle line  forward in the centre, I held back my Cavalry on my left flank while I moved my Firelock company through the cornfield to bring some fire on Dave’s Cavalry troop, this went really well with me causing enough casualties to cause a moral test which they failed and fled. On the other flank I thought long and hard about charging Rupert’s Cavalry with Cromwell’s Ironsides but in the end decided to just advance, expanding my ranks and opening up with my Pistols, I also moved my Dragoon’s forward to do the same, when the smoke cleared 4 Royalist Cavalryman were died……huzzar !

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

End phase and Dave’s other Cavalry unit fled off the table.

The third turn roll off was again won by myself but this time I took it, again I thought about charging Rupert’s boy’s but after last turn success I decided to give them another volley. In the centre my Pike units edge forward while the Shot got ready to fire, my Firelock company moved to the central hedge in the cornfield to bring some fire to Dave’s Firelock company. With this flank now clear of Royalist Cavalry my Cavalry move forward to threaten Dave’s infantry.

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The shooting didn’t go so well this time with none of Rupert’s lads being unsaddled :(.

Dave’s turn and Rupert charged in “tally ho chaps” my stand and shoot again was rubbish and no casualties were caused. In the centre the Scots and bluecoats carried on there advance, the rest of Dave’s force held back worried about my flanking Cavalry unit.

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In the cornfield Dave’s Firelocks returned fire on my company, killing a single chap. Combat saw Rupert’s Dashing Dandy’s strike down 3 of the Ironsides, in return 3 of the Dandy’s were also cut down. The combat was won by the Royalists but the Ironsides passed there Combat Morale test, worryingly for Rupert his unit was down to just 4 models (including boy his dog 😉 ) so any more casualties and the unit will be removed.

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Time had caught up with us again and we decided to call it an evening, its not looking good for the King at the moment, one flank lost, another one looking very shaky, it could all come down to the infantry in the centre, can Rupert’s Elite bluecoat’s (Combat ability 4) and the wild Highlanders (Warband) break the Parliamentarian line before the Cavalry can strike……………….keep watching :).

Cheers, Steve.

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