Time to give the Hun’s ago.

Back to club this week and another Great War game, I wanted to try playing the Germans this time as i’m looking to put together a force in the not to distance future. Dave was kind enough to let me borrow his chaps, so I knocked up mid war Sturmabteillung list, with me playing the Hun’s this gave Dave a chance to use his British. We decided that the Germans would be defenders and have 1,000pts with the Brit’s getting 2,000pts, Dave decided to field a Infantry Battalion and a Tank Battalion with no fewer than 4 of these armoured Beasts :0. As we were setting up we got chatting to Mike and Kevin who had just arrived at club, with them not having a game arrange we asked them if they fancied join in and taking command of the Tank Battalion, they happily agreed so it would be 3 verses 1…..bring it on 🙂 . We set up the table with 2 lines of trench’s, I got victory points for having scoring units in the first trench at the end of the game with Dave, Mike & Kevin getting victory points for get scoring units into the second trench line.

Germans set up.

Digital StillCamera

British set up.

Digital StillCamera

German front trench and bunkers.

Digital StillCamera

The German second trench line (these are my new trench system which I pick up the other week at the Exeter show, got them flocked up especially for the game, well happy how they’ve turned out).

Digital StillCamera

The British line advance under cover of a smoke barrage .

Digital StillCamera

The tanks are almost at the trench’s, at this point I had lost at least half of my front line but my HMG’s in my bunkers were causing horrendous casualties to the British Infantry but the 4 Tanks were still all running .

Digital StillCamera

View from my second line as the British get to my first trench line.

Digital StillCamera

The Tanks get to my front lines.

Digital StillCamera

As the Tanks hit my front lines 2 of them break down as they move over the Trench’s. As this happens one of my bunkers is destroyed by an Infantry assault. Thing were heating up now, my field gun crew got there eye in at last and knocked out another of the tanks. At this point all I had in my front line was a HMG  and a command squad in my remaining bunker, these had not been touched so gave 1 scoring unit left hold 1 victory point. As my gun crew got a bead on the last tank my final bunker went up in smoke as it was also blown to pieces 😦 , I did manage to take down the last Tank so not all bad.

My second line prepare for the final assault.

Digital StillCamera

The British cavalry advance on my second line.

Digital StillCamera

View from the German second line as the British line advance (on the left the cavalry have dismounted and are advance on foot).

Digital StillCamera

It was the eighth turn and we rolled to see if the game ended, which it did. With no one having any vp’s the game was a draw.

Digital StillCamera

Another great evening’s gaming, lovely armies and terrain and some fine fellows as opponents . I must say the Great War is one of my favourite period and games at the moment every game seems so dramatic.

Anyway that’s it this time, thanks again to Dave for providing the armies and some of the lovely terrain.


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One Response to Time to give the Hun’s ago.

  1. Matt says:

    Crikey! That looked terrific. :o)
    Glad you guys had a good game.

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