ECW end game.

Dave was around mine last night to finish off are ECW game, when we left it last things weren’t looking good for the Royalists this continued with the demise of Prince Rupert and his Cavalry on the Royalist left flank.

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In the centre Rupert’s Blue coats had engaged with the Parliamentarian foot supported by the Highlander allies.

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The blue coat won the combat but the red coats held there ground, it didn’t go so well for the Highlanders who were chased off by another of the Parliamentarian pike blocks and did not return to the fight.

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Back on the left flank the two opposing Dragoon troops had engaged in combat, after chasing of Rupert Cromwell’s Ironsides charged into the Royalists flank, surprisingly this combat went on for a couple of turns before finally the Royalist’s were run down.

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Back in the centre after a drawn out fight the wait of numbers started to tell and the blue coat’s could not hold back the tide any more and they were destroyed. This left the Newcastle white coat’s in a bad place with two unit’s of pike to the front and a unit of my cavalry in place to charge them in the rear.

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The Parliamentarian charged in but again things didn’t go as well as you would think for the chargers with the Royalist holding out again for a couple of turn’s and depleting the red coat Pike unit some more.

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As this was going on and with the King seeing the game was up he made his way to the final Royalist pike block Tysdale’s . With the main Parliament force being held by the gallant White coats if he could push through the final red coated pike block he could escape the field to fight another day……alas it was just not to be for the King, after being held by the pike there supporting shot piled into the flank and that was that the King went down and the game went to Parliament :).

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Another cracking game, really good to blow the dust off the ECW stuff and get them on the table. Me and Dave are looking at getting some more of these type of games in over the next few month’s, its one of the great things about having the man cave space as I can leave the game set up over a number of weeks with out it being disturbed. Not sure what we are going to do next, if I get the 1/72nd Napoleonic armies I bought base up in time it might be Black Powder, if not it will probably be 15mm ACW using the Fire & Fury rules as we haven’t had these force’s out in a while, so watch this space 🙂 .

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to ECW end game.

  1. Matt says:

    A good game by all accounts. Pity the wrong team won! ;o)
    Yes, you definitely cannot beat having a man cave.
    Looking forward to a spot of BP

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