Black Powder,first game.

Well after a long wait managed to get my first game of Black Powder last night at club, Simon had kindly brought along two painted 1/72nd (20mm) Napoleonic armies for us to use, this is just a small amount (about 20%) of Simon’s collection as he is trying to put together enough troops to cover all forces that were present at Waterloo :0.

I took command of the British and allied forces with Simon taking the French, the scenario we played had a village in the centre of the table ( 2 building’s) which had to be taken and held to win the game. I was going to be defender and started with a small brigade (Jaegers & Lt Dragoons) which I could place anywhere on the table but not in the village plus a tiny Nassau skirmisher unit which I could place in the village. The brigade went on a hill next to the village with the skirmishers in the building closest to the enemy.

Allied main force.

Digital StillCamera

Allied forward units.

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The French army march on.

Digital StillCamera

Simon went first but after some bad luck with his command tests his forces facing the village stalled, this gave me a chance in my turn to bring my forces up and into the village with my Elite Highlanders occupying the second building.

Digital StillCamera


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Things continued to go poorly for the French who were supposed to be attacking the village with more commands failed I managed to get another of my infantry unit the Cornish regiment into the front building where the Nassau had been holding out. Thing were looking a bit scary on the left of the village ( top right of below picture) where the French Cavalry brigade had advanced in good time.

Digital StillCamera


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The East Sussex regiment of foot advance towards the French cavalry and open fire.

Digital StillCamera

At last the French commanders had sort themselves out and started the attack on the first of the buildings held by the Cornish and Nassau troops.

Digital StillCamera


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At this point the tide of poor command roles had swung over to the allied side with me struggling to get any reinforcements into place to support my defenders. Luckily for me after a number of assaults my brave lads still held there position and just as the next attack went in I managed to bring my other Elite unit the KGL into the flank of the French regiment and saw them off …..huzzar 🙂 .

Digital StillCamera

Over on the left flank things were hotting up with two units of the French cavalry charging my forces, one forced the East Sussex’s in to square while the other fail just short of my Inniskillen  heavy Dragoons. With too good a chance to turn down my Dragoons charged in but after some poor dice the combat ended a draw.

Digital StillCamera

With the KGL now be supported by the Jaegers and a  newly arrived Hanoverian units the village was looking safe.

Digital StillCamera

Things were going from bad to worse on the left flank though with first my Inniskillen’s being destroyed and then there supporting unit the Royal Dragoons failing to hold back the French attack and having to retire, luckily they weren’t destroyed.

Digital StillCamera

As time was now getting on and with it looking like the French would struggle to get into the village we called a halt to the game agreeing a close fought victory to the Allies….huzzar 🙂 .

I just like to say a real big thanks to Simon for providing the armies and the help guiding me through the rule, cheers mate. As for the rules I thought they played really well and gave a very dynamic looking game with mass units of troops marching across the table. I also really like the command and control element which is very Warmaster-ish which is a system I’ve played quite a lot over the years and really enjoy.

Anyway that’s it for now, I’ve booked another game of Black Powder with Simon for a few weeks time with me playing the French this time and using my newly based up army :).

Cheers, Steve,



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3 Responses to Black Powder,first game.

  1. Great blog Steve. The game looked great and I was well impressed with Simons models. Now where are those Prussians on eBay!

  2. Matt says:


    Finally got around to reading about the game… and it looks like superb fun! Well done the British! (oh, and those allied chaps too).
    Need to get myself a fun pass for 23rd :o)

  3. lurkusspleen says:

    Thanks chaps.

    Ken you know you want to 😉 .

    Matt yeah get yourself a pass mate its going to be a good-un 🙂 .


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