The night of many Blunders.

Last night at club I had my second game of Black Powder, this time I would be leading my French army against a Brunswick, Nassau and Dutch/Belgium allied force. We had a few more chaps playing with us tonight, I had Dave helping me while Simon had Ken doing the same for him.

We decided to set the table up with a village at one end which had a road leading to the centre of the table and a crossroads, the Allies set up in the Village

Digital StillCamera

while the French set up opposite.

Digital StillCamera

The object of the game was to take and hold the crossroads.

The battlefield.

Digital StillCamera

Things went really well for the allies in the first couple of turns with them advance to and beyond the crossroads with a brigade of Brunswick Infantry.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Shame the same couldn’t be said for the French, as all but one Infantry Brigade and the Light Cavalry Brigade stalled with both me and Dave rolling blunders…doh, one roll even saw one of our units march off the table, they would be back but would have to be order to later in the game.

As the Allies take the crossroads the two French units that followed orders advance to meet them.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

With thing still not going the best for the French at least the Guard Brigade arrives at the front line.

The fire fight begins.

Digital StillCamera

Here’s how bad it had got for the French, we were running out of room to deploy are Brigades into fighting formations even the army General decided to blunder at this point. The allies on the other hand were sitting pretty with most of the troops sat on or about the crossroads.

Digital StillCamera

After causing some damage and destroy one of the Brunswick units the Allies moved a second Brigade through their front line to form a fresh line of defence. To counter this the French sent in a unit of Old Guard in attack Column hopefully to smash through the line, the bones were rolled and against the odd the Brunswick unit drew the combat and held there ground.

Digital StillCamera

With this time was up for the nights game and the allies had the objective.

Digital StillCamera

We’ve decided that in game terms night has fallen and the French have retreated to lick the wounds, we now hope to continue the game next week with the French trying again to dislodge the allies.

Was a cracking game again and really happy with the way my army looked on the table, here’s hoping I can roll some better command rolls next Sunday :).

Cheers, Steve.

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3 Responses to The night of many Blunders.

  1. Matt says:

    Oh my word! That looks absolutely superb :o)
    Pity I couldn’t get along in time. Sunday wasn’t that good a day. Ho hum.
    I will do my best to get along next Sunday if (a) I can organise a fun pass, and (b) I’m still welcome?
    Thanks for the great report.

  2. Matt says:

    Great! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Attendance will partly depend upon whether boss takes on any extra A level marking.

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