The rematch part 1.

Well me and Simon continued are Black Powder game this week, with dawn raising the French army advance on the Allied held crossroads.

French deployment.

Digital StillCamera

The Allied deployment.

Digital StillCamera

The whole Battlefield.

Digital StillCamera

We were using the same armies as last week with any units destroyed last time back but starting carrying  1 wound. We also decided to deploy on the 8 foot table edge this time and with the Allied army deployed on the crossroad/road, we keep the scenery as close to last week as possible.

Simon won the roll off to go first and the game began. The first couple of turns saw the allies just advance beyond the road and prepare for the French attack. Things went better this week for the French with most of there troops doing as they were told with the exception of the Light Cavalry Brigade that decided it didn’t want to charge there allied counterparts and the 2 Old Guard Regiments who decided to march back off the table when there Brigade commander decided to blunder….oh no not again.

Guard march back off the table, they will be back but not till next turn….doh.

Digital StillCamera

The opening turns.

Digital StillCamera

French front line.

Digital StillCamera

The Allies right flank, Light Cavalry supported by Heavies.

Digital StillCamera

The armies wings now engaged each other with the Allies light Cavalry on the right engaging some French artillery but surprisingly being chased off.

Digital StillCamera

While on the other flank the French Light Cavalry Brigade charged the other Allied Light Brigade.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

This combat went on for a couple of turns and ended with both Brigades being broken.

Digital StillCamera

Back on the other flank my Heavies seeing the other Allied Lights disordered they charged them down.

Digital StillCamera

And then smashing into the first line of the Allied Heavies causing these to retire.

Digital StillCamera

The French Heavies were now completely blown with themselves now being charged by the second line of Allied Heavies and having to retreat, to add insult to injury the massed Allied Artillery opened up on the supporting second line and completely destroyed them in one volley breaking this Brigade as well….ouch. With the Allied Right flank looking safe and the French in position to take the other flank the action now moved to the centre and the Infantry……………… to be continued.


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2 Responses to The rematch part 1.

  1. Matt says:

    Oh! This looks so good!
    Really enjoying reading about this series of games.

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Thanks mate they have been fun games, shame you keep missing them as I’m sure you’d like the system, we are playing again on the 14th if you are free?


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