Rematch part 2, The Centre.

We now move to the centre were the Infantry clashed.

The French attack the Allied centre.

Digital StillCamera

Things started well for the French pushing back the Allied front line causing the Nassau Brigade to break.

Digital StillCamera

Time to send in the Guard I thought, the first to go in was the Young Guard.

Digital StillCamera

At this point unknown to both me and Simon we made a couple of big rules mistakes. First off if you look at the picture above you will see that two of my Line Regiment have engaged two of Simons units but in column of march(top left yellow and white Shako’s) , now this had happen when the said units Brigade Officer had blundered and roll a 6 on the table meaning they had to charge but having reread the roles it clearly says unit in column of march can NEVER charge the enemy. The other mistake was we didn’t add the +1 bonus for morale save for being in Attack Column when taking incoming fire this ended up being critical in the next couple of turns.

The Young Guard pushed the Allied first line back but supporting units advanced to fill the gap and see off the Young Guard. The two Line Regiments in march column were holding out just but were on the brink of breaking, to have any chance I had to break the Allied line now, with this in mind I sent the Old Guard in, this was a complete disaster with the Elite French unit taking 3 wounds from closing fire (would have only been 1 if we’d remembered the Attack Column bonus). The hand to hand phase saw both the Line Regiments break meaning Simon had broken 3 of the 4 Brigades he needed to win, this just left the Old Guard combat with the Young Guard already Shaken all Simon needed to do was cause 1 wound on the Old Guard regiment and that would be that………the bones were rolled and Simon caused the 1 wound he needed and the game was his.

The Guard breaks.

Digital StillCamera

The Allied line holds out to take the Victory.

Digital StillCamera

Another really entertaining game which came right down to the wire, its been great fun playing these linked games and were looking to carry this on in a couple of weeks with the Ally’s going on the offensive.

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to Rematch part 2, The Centre.

  1. Matt says:

    More loveliness!
    The 14th might be good for me. I was planning to play a practice game of W&C against Dave but he’s off to East Anglia to play Malifaux. Funny lot out there in the fens!? ;o)
    Will let you know.

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