Why is the room moving……….

Well the last few weeks have been a bit of a pain as I’ve been ill with another bout of Vertigo, I got this for the first time last year when I went on a Cruise around the Med with the Mrs for our 2oth Wedding Anniversary and was warned it could come back …..bummer ah :(.

Anyway haven’t really felt like doing much but have managed to continue buying up and re-basing some more 1/72nd (20mm) Napoleonic’s here’s a few (shaky I’m afraid) pictures.

Old Guard Chasseurs, these are Strelets models and very nice they are.

Digital StillCamera

Next up some ACW models converted up to be a Polish Brigade, love the hats  🙂 .

Digital StillCamera

And finally a Gordon Highlander regiment, nicely painted, this now gives me 3 Kilted Highland regiments.

Digital StillCamera

That’s it for now, hopefully if I’m feeling up to it I should be playing Simon on Sunday in the next instalment of are Black Powder series  of games, after my two defeats at the Battles for the crossroads I’m on the defensive this time, try to hold a town against a superior allied force, should be fun :).

Cheers for now


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2 Responses to Why is the room moving……….

  1. Matt says:

    Lovely figures mate!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly. Get well soon!

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Thanks mate, still not right but hey them’s the break’s.
    Has given my chance to watch Waterloo (70’s film) twice while I’ve been off always go fun 🙂
    Are you going to be able to make it this Sunday (14th) as your more than welcome ?


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