The retreat continues……

This week saw the French army retreating back out of Lynclump then attempting to stand there ground and wait for there reinforcements. We both had the same armies from last week , any Battalions that were broken in the last game started with a wound marker, I then had 500pts of reinforcements as my reserves.

Set up was a bit different this week with use playing length ways (8ft by 6ft table), with Simons force at one end, my reserve at the other and my main force in the centre.

set up

Digital StillCamera

Allied forces

Digital StillCamera

French main army.

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French reinforcements

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The French won the first turn and the reinforcements started there advance towards the main French army.

Digital StillCamera

“forward the Guard”

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While this was happening both the left and right wings of the main French army remain in position while in the centre the Swiss Brigade advanced supported by the Old Guard Chasseur Brigade while the Polish Brigade move to feel there place in the main battle line.

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The Allies turn and disaster struck for the French with the British Light Dragoons charging the Isenbourg Battalion (part of the Swiss Brigade) which then failed to form square and were swept away.

Now you see them……

Digital StillCamera

now you don’t……..doh

Digital StillCamera

The British’s foot Brigade also engaged the Swiss Battalion with the British’s coming out on top and forcing the Swiss to withdraw and doing enough casualties to break the Brigade. The British regiment then pulled back behind there supporting line to recuperate after the hard fight.

The lose of the Swiss Brigade also caused the Old Guard battalions some problems with one having to full back and the other have to form square when the Lt Dragoons followed up into them after destroying the Isenbourg battalion.

Well this wasn’t going to plan, I now had to commit the Polish Brigade to try and sure up my centre.

Digital StillCamera

Poles engage the British second line, the combat again ended in a draw with both units taking minor casualties .

Digital StillCamera

The Allied turn saw Simon roll the first Blunder of the game with a unit of his Brunswick Brigade charging one of my Horse Artillery guns this ended in the Allied troops being forced back.

Digital StillCamera

Back at the main fight and after the Allied Cavalry had forced them in to square another of my Polish Battalions was charged by the Highlanders from the British Brigade. After a fierce fighting the Scot’s came out on top and after some more poor roles by me the Pole Battalion was destroyed.

Digital StillCamera

The other combat saw the Poles win and see off the British (Cornish) Regiment but they themselves had received enough wound’s to cause them to become Shaken which meant  the Polish Brigade was also Broken.

And if that wasn’t bad enough after some awful command roles my reserves had staled.

Digital StillCamera

With the advanced French forces seen off and the reserve stalling the Allied lines prepared to finish the main French army off. This started well with mass musketry and artillery fire causing enough wounds to Shake two Battalions of the French Line Brigade holding the French left flank, this caused this French formation to also break meaning as soon as the Allied lines advanced the French would have to full back plus it also meant Simon was only two Brigades away from breaking my whole army.

Digital StillCamera

View from the French Artillery Brigade looking at the advancing Allied lines.

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The Allies threw there remaining Lt Cavalry forward in a charge on my Lt Cavalry Lancer Brigade, this didn’t go so well for the British with the British Brigade being destroyed. The French couldn’t follow up as they had been badly mauled and were close to breaking themselves (this was so exciting I forgot to take any pictures, sorry 😉 ).

Back to me and my reserves were still playing up, it was clear now they weren’t going to get in to the fight. Most of my main army was now in full retreat with just my Old Guard Chasseurs (in the centre), my Lt Cavalry Brigade (left flank) and my badly beaten up Lancers and the Artillery Brigade (right flank) holding the line.

With this Simon went for the kill,  first off charging my Artillery Brigade with one of his large Dutch/Belgium line Battalions, this went really badly for the Allies with them being wiped out to the man….ouch

Now you see them……………

Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera

Now you don’t :).

This did mean that my artillery could not fire as the Duke of Brunswick’s Lt Cavalry support Regiments now charged passed them into my Lancers, after another bloodbath of a fight the Brunswickers were seen off but they had done enough damage to Break the Lancers.

With this time was up with another win to the Allies 4 Brigades to 1.

French in full retreat, the Old Guard and Artillery clover the retreat on the right flank/centre.

Digital StillCamera

While the Lt Cavalry Brigade does the same on the other flank.

Digital StillCamera

Another fantastic game, with things starting well for the French but then going down hill rapidly. We’re not playing now until the 4th of August with what could be the final battle in this group of games, The Last Stand of the Guard :), yes i’m having a 1,500pts Guard heavy force with Simon using basically the same 1,500pt force he’s played the last two games plus a 500pt reserve, should be fun :).

That’s it for now chap.

Cheers, Steve.

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