First Outing for my Hun’s.

I’ve been inching to give my Great War German’s a run out for a while now but been busy playing Black Powder, I’ve picked up the army over the last few month’s through e-bay and trades with the majority being late war stuff, but this game I would be using them as a early war force as my opponent Steve wanted to try out his newly painted early war French army. As he hadn’t played many games of Great War we decided to go for a nice and simple meeting engagement (who ever held the most table quarters with a scoring unit at the end of turn 7 was the winner), we would be using 500pt army’s.


Digital StillCamera

German set up.

Digital StillCamera

French set up.

Digital StillCamera

The French line advances to meet the German attack.

Digital StillCamera

View from the German lines as there attack is driven back (top left is all that’s left of a Infantry platoon 😦 ).

Digital StillCamera

Revenge is sweet as my Lancers sweep away two squads of Frenchies.

Digital StillCamera

There’s just to many French for my gallants Huns to see off.

Digital StillCamera

The French victory is sealed three quarters to one.

Digital StillCamera

A fun game with Steve in the end easily taking the win, his selection of  a HMG was a lot better idea than mine which was to take a field gun, I only managed one hit all game with the bloody thing and then the French HMG  shooting it up in the final turn with the crew fleeing to add insult to injury :(.

That it for now.

Cheers, Steve.



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2 Responses to First Outing for my Hun’s.

  1. Matt says:

    Great to see people enjoying a good game of toy soldiers. Lovely figures.

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Yeah Steve’s done a great job on his French, Rob turned up with some more blisters for him as well last night so hopefully it won’t be long before he can get a full 1,000pt force on the table.


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