1916 Western Front.

Well this week at club was my first game for quite awhile and what a game it was :). Orange Dave had arrange a Great War evening with two tables set up for some 1916 Western Front attack.

On the first table Dave’s Germans and Steve’s French would be fighting for control of 4 Bunkers.

Digital StillCamera

On the other Table Mike & Alan commanded a British force supported by Matt Canadian’s against Rob and my own German and Austrian armies. The Allies had to take the trench’s and then move on to take the ruined village and woods. For more details on the game and scenario and some lovely pictures visit Matt’s Blog at http://thewargamestable.blogspot.co.uk/

Here’s a few pictures I took.

The Trench’s.

Digital StillCamera

From the German side of the table.

Digital StillCamera

The allies all set for the off.

Digital StillCamera

View from my field gun.

Digital StillCamera

The allies start their attack.

Digital StillCamera

A couple of well aim shots from the German field guns and the allied tank is knocked out.

Digital StillCamera

The front trench line is taken so time to send in the Cavalry.

Digital StillCamera

The British take the trenches.

Digital StillCamera


Well all I can say is what an awesome game, the British managed to take the trenches but could not get anyone into the village or woods so we agreed a well fought draw :).

A big thanks to Orange Dave for arranging this and for the rest of the guys for being such fine opponent and partners ;).

Cheers, Steve.



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2 Responses to 1916 Western Front.

  1. Gaming Guy says:

    The terrain is amazing. Any tips or links to share on creating something similar for my own games?

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Hi there,
    most of the terrain belongs to Rob of Scarab miniatures, if you pop onto the Scarab forums there’s a whole section on WW1/Great War.

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