Back 2 WAC.

Well managed to play another game of WAC this week at club against Alan and his Macedonians, I was using my Samurai and trying out a early period list with no gun powder weapons.


Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera

It was a winter deployment which meant we set up in opposite table quarters. Things went poorly for the Samurai to begin with, with them being push back by the wall of pikes and spears.

Samurai Cavalry split into skirmish formation but still can’t get around the spear blocks.

Digital StillCamera

The Macedonian wall of death advances.

Digital StillCamera

Things went from bad to worse with one of the pike blocks destroying one of my Ashigaru units and getting behind the other. In the end it all came down to a mass melee between multiple units that went on for a couple of turns.

The beginning, pike block charges into the front of my remaining Ashigaru unit.

Digital StillCamera

Samurai Bodyguard charge in to help out their lord.

Digital StillCamera

Second Macedonian pike block with general charge into the rear of the Ashigaru.

Digital StillCamera

It all ends in tears for the Samurai with the Lord plus Ashigaru being destroyed and the Bodyguard cavalry fleeing the table…………oh dear 😦  .

Digital StillCamera

And that as they say was that a clear win for Alan, nice one mate 🙂 .

Anyway that’s it for now.

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to Back 2 WAC.

  1. Matt says:

    Macedonian “Wall of Death” … !? Very funny. 😀

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