What a weekend part 1.

This weekend saw me attending a friends Birthday War Gaming get together at his house and what a fantastic weekend it has been :).

We started off on Saturday with a large Dark Ages WAC game pitting mine and Jen’s Vikings against Phil and Birthday boy Matt Saxons ;).

Deployment, Saxons to the left of picture with the two Viking armies right and bottom.

Digital StillCamera

Matt’s Saxon army.

Digital StillCamera

The first clash of the game with one of my Hirdmen units smashing into a Saxon Shieldwall, the Vikings made short work of the Saxon peasants and ran them down.

Digital StillCamera

Then swepted in behind Matts force while Jen’s Viking engage them in the front.

Digital StillCamera

Things went really badly for Matt with him eventually losing his whole army to the overwhelming Viking attack.

On the other side of the table things were going pretty poorly for myself as I tried to hold Phil’s Saxon at bay, losing both my Bondi units one after the other.

Digital StillCamera

In the end I couldn’t hold back the tide and Phil swept through my force leaving me with just the unit I had sent to help Jen. At this stage time was getting on and with what was left of Phil’s and Jen’s army facing off against each other we decided to call it a well fought  Draw.

It was a awesome game played in a great spirit and one I will remember for a long while. A big thanks to all involved including Matt and Jens two daughters who helped to keep us feed and watered during the day :).

After the fun of Saturdays game I was really looking forward to Sunday with Rob and Dave joining Matt, Phil and myself for some Great War action, you’ll have to wait for part two of this post for that but I just have to post this picture of my Hun’s fighting Dave’s Tommies……. GRENADE  🙂

Digital StillCamera

To be continued ……….

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One Response to What a weekend part 1.

  1. Matt says:

    Splendid report! Glad you had a good time. I thought it was a wonderful weekend of brilliant wargaming, good friends and super food! Thanks for coming along mate :o)

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